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What is Modern Jive?

Evolving in France and now danced world wide modern jive also know as leRoc is the fastest growing partner dance in the world. Infusing a wide variety of dances from latin and ballroom to street and salsa, because it doesn’t involve fancy footwork it can be danced to almost any music.

With ages ranging from 18 to 80 it appeals to all ages and ability. In fact we specialise in turning those two left feet into twinkle toes. It is so easy anyone can do it and you really will amaze and impress your friends. What to do with your feet will come naturally in time and the important thing is to enjoy dancing with minimum effort and as fast as possible.

Is its all about the dance, so both men and women are encouraged to ask others to dance. In fact many of our members come alone or with friends, and don’t worry about anything being misunderstood IT IS ONLY A DANCE!.

Modern jive clubs are all over the country and as well as your regular class night you can enjoy social freestyles, workshops, weekenders and holidays. It really can become a way of life and is highly addictive.

SH!Dance Auckley:

A regular freestyle dance at Auckley Parish hall, running on the first Saturday of every month. Suitable for beginners as well as more advanced jivers of any age.

SH!Dance Airmyn:

A regular freestyle dance at Airmyn village (memorial) hall, running on the fourth Friday of every month. Suitable for beginners as well as more advanced jivers of any age.

SH!Dance Hessle:

Hessle Jive club was started November 2007 run by dancers for dancers, since those early days we have gone from strength to strength and now have around 1000 members with 50 – 80 dancers attending on a Wednesday night. At a Hessle Jive Club night you will dance to all your favourite tunes and experience a wonderful party atmosphere.

Weekly classes are ran on a wednesday from 7:30, for beginners and intermediates, with freestyle dancing in between classes and afterwards.

There is also a regular freestyle which runs on the second saturday of every month.


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